Our Team

Lawrence A. Mazzotta - Chief Executive Officer



Mr. Mazzotta is CEO and Chairman of Cornerstone Associates, LLC and is responsible for the general management of the company.  Formerly, Mr. Mazzotta was Senior Associate Director at University of Nebraska Hospitals and Clinics.  Mr. Mazzotta has administered the design, development and project management of approximately $470 Million of both new and restorative construction, including residential, commercial and clinical construction.


Mr. Mazzotta has served as a consultant to non-profit charitable organizations involved with the development of tax credit supported projects.  He is also a past Chairman and Director of the Eye Bank of Nebraska and has served as a Division Chairman for the United Way of the Midlands campaign.  In addition, he has served on the Boards of a variety of state, local and national organizations.  Mr. Mazzotta was a Richard King Mellon Fellow at Syracuse University and was named as an Outstanding Young Man in America.


Mr. Mazzotta has received both a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Urban Planning and a Masters Degree in Public Management from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.  He has completed all but his dissertation for a Doctorate in Management and Public Policy at the University of Nebraska.


David K. Karnes - Partner/Board Member


Mr. Karnes is a Partner and Board Member of Cornerstone Associates, LLC and it's related companies.  Mr. Karnes is a former United States Senator representing Nebraska and currently practices law with the Kutak Rock Law Firm in Omaha and Washington D.C.  He specializes in government relations, corporate law, real estate, and financial institutions.  Mr. Karnes was named an Outstanding Young man in America and serves on the Boards of, or acts as an advisor to, numerous private and publicly traded U.S. companies.


Mr. Karnes was a Director of the Tenth District Federal Home Loan Bank (Topeka) and was instrumental in organizing and leading the Bank's highly successful Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.  In 1981 Mr. Karnes served as a White House Fellow and he currently serves on the Board of Directors of numerous charitable organizations.  Mr. Karnes served as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of HUD in Washington and later while in the Senate served on the Housing Subcommittee of the Senate Banking Committee.


Mr. Karnes received a Bachelor of Science with distinction and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.


Bobbi Lucas - President and Chief Operating Officer



Ms. Lucas is a Partner and serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of Cornerstone Associates, LLC and its related companies.  Ms. Lucas  joined the company in 2001 and has over 30 years of experience in banking, finance, commercial and residential development and has been the lead developer for approximately $200 million of multifamily development.   

Ms. Lucas is responsible for new development, analysis, underwriting, financing, construction and project specific operations and compliance  upon completion.  She is responsible for Cornerstone operations as well as both company-wide and new marketing and research.  In addition, she coordinates all public relations functions for and on behalf of the company. 

Ms. Lucas also serves as Chief Administrative Officer for Meridian Development, our private market development division. 

Ms. Lucas’ professional background includes extensive experience in banking and in personal financial management and planning.  She holds both a Series 7 and 63 license from the National Association

of Securities Dealers.


James D. Hughes - Vice President for Market Development



Mr. Hughes is Vice President for Market Development for Cornerstone Associates, LLC.  In this capacity Mr. Hughes is responsible for the company’s Private Market development.   

Mr. Hughes is President and Chief Operating Officer of Meridian Development, our private market development division. He is responsible for leading the company’s day to day operation including sourcing, assembling and executing development opportunities.  His expertise centers on contract negotiation, financial modeling and market research. 

Between his experience as an engineer and a developer, Mr. Hughes has managed several large scale projects with an aggregate value totaling over $500 million.   

Mr. Hughes holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

Brett Brockmann - Vice President and Chief Financial Officer



Mr. Brockmann is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Cornerstone Associates, LLC and its affiliated companies.


Mr. Brockmann has several years of experience in Real Estate related accounting and finance. He has managed assets totaling $260 million as well as provided accounting and financial services for additional assets totaling $375 million.


He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Brad Schwabb - Vice President of Development and Acquisitions 


Mr. Schwab is Vice President of Development and Acquisitions for Cornerstone Associates, LLC and its affiliated companies. 

Mr. Schwab’s career is in land use, urban planning, economic development, zoning and entitlement, and management of multidisciplinary projects on behalf of numerous private and public sector clients.  He has extensive experience gaining local government approvals for residential and commercial real estate projects worth over $1 billion .   

Mr. Schwab holds a Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Toledo.  He is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War and served in the United States Army from 1989 to 1999


Kristy Menking - Director of Corporate Operations


Ms. Menking joined Cornerstone Associates in 2012.  As Director of Governmental Affairs, Ms. Menking both company-wide and project-specific marketing and research.  Ms. Menking is also responsible for assisting in the development of marketing strategies for the Company's portfolio of properties.  In addition, she assists the President in the day to day operations of the Company.


Ms. Menking brings several years of experience in human resources, public relations, marketing and advertising in the financial services industry.

Shawn Coonen - Director of Asset Management



Mr. Coonen is the President of Beacon Management, an Accredited Management Organization and an affiliate company of Cornerstone Associates. 

Mr. Coonen has 35 years of experience, is IREM Certified, a CPM, licensed real estate broker, holds an AMO accreditation for standards of excellence.  He manages a portfolio of multifamily assets worth $425 million throughout 7 states.